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Traveler (Reward)
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Thank You
For your contribution of $1000 (or equivalent amount of materials/equipment or five (5) days volunteer work/labor) you are eligible to receive a day sail aboard Traveler.
For your contribution of $300 towards Traveler we would like to send you a copy of the TRAVELER book (limited availability) written by Peggy Crimmins under a pen name.  The book is a treasury of early Miami and Bahamian history during the years Capt. Art Crimmins built and chartered the Traveler (1945-1959).
We wish to acknowledge and thank the following for their donations and contributions to this project as of April, 2020.
For their donations (outside of GoFundMe):
Donations given directly to Scott - the donors wish to remain anonymous
For their donations (through GoFundMe):
Carolyn Crimmins
John E Palin Jr
Hubert clark
Burrelle Meeks
David Albury
Jack Palin
Thomas Steckler
Stefan Edick
Clinton Bush
For their many hours of time and dedicated effort in helping restore the William H Albury and Traveler:
Capt. E - captain and organizer moving Traveler from Norfolk to Oriental
Edgar Thornton Sawyer III - moving Traveler from Norfolk to Oriental
Peggy and Dean Nadler for their time and expense in bringing the Traveler books to Carolyn's house
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