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Thank You
For your contribution of $1000 (US) (or equivalent amount of materials/equipment or five (5) days volunteer work/labor) you are eligible to receive a copy of the TRAVELER book (limited availability) written by Peggy Crimmins under a pen name. The book is a treasury of early Miami and Bahamian history during the years Capt. Art Crimmins built and chartered the Traveler.
We wish to acknowledge and thank the following for their donations and contributions to this project as of April, 2020.
For their donations (outside of GoFundMe):
Donations given directly to Scott - the donors wish to remain anonymous
For their donations (through GoFundMe):
Carolyn Crimmins
John E Palin Jr
Hubert clark
Burrelle Meeks
David Albury
Jack Palin
Thomas Steckler
Stefan Edick
Clinton Bush
For their many hours of time and dedicated effort in helping restore the William H Albury and Traveler:
Capt. E - captain and organizer moving Traveler from Norfolk to Oriental
Edgar Thornton Sawyer III - moving Traveler from Norfolk to Oriental
Peggy and Dean Nadler for their time and expense in bringing the Traveler books to Carolyn's house
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