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Introduction, Bios and Supporters
This website is in support of Scott Weatherford's work to restore the schooner, The William H Albury.  Scott assumed stewardship of The William H Albury in December 2019 from David Wright.
Please have a look at the incredible progress being made by Hamilton and Phil.  And then consider making a donation to this cause using one of the options above.
Also, please visit the Schooner William H. Albury page on Facebook as well as the Wm H Albury page on the MOW Archive.

Scott Weatherford
Scott, age 19, was working at Edwin's boatyard. They were working on a big schooner and Uncle Will was doing it from engineered drawings, not from a half model like he usually did. Scott fastened the Honduran Mahogany planking to the Madera & Horseflesh framing with Naval Bronze ring nails. He dreamed of someday sailing the big schooner, but in the meantime, worked hard as captain of the race boat, Rough Waters. [from]
Scott's chance to do some real blue water sailing on the Wm H came in 1976. He was a crew member when she sailed, as Flagship of the Bahamas, to Boston and New York with the Tall Ships. He maintained his friendship with owner, Joe Maggio, and when she visited Man-O-War, the Wm H berthed at the dock on the Lee property in the Eastern Harbour. [from]
Scott is a Man-O-War Cay resident, a native Bahamian and descendant of the original settlers.  Scott is a principal of Standard Hardware of Marsh Harbour and Man-O-War Cay.
Hamilton Carter
Taken about 10 years ago on a sailing visit to Les îles de la Madeleine in the Gulf of St. Lawrence
Hamilton (Ham) went to sea at age 26 on a 36' gaff rigged schooner and has made his living on the sea since then.  He will be 76 in April.  His seagoing travels have taken him from Greenland and the Canadian Arctic to Antarctica and many places in between including Europe, Iceland, Alaska, Central and South America and the west coasts of Canada and the USA.
Hamilton, with Scott, are leading the restoration.  Ham has considerable experience with wooden boat restoration and nautical preservation (see the two stories below).  As a testiment to that, please see his progress reports on the Status tab.
Please have a listen to an interview with Hamilton from CBC Breakfast Biographies.
David Wright
David litterally saved The William H Albury from a dire fate in Montego Bay, sailing her back with help from Captain Randy Zimmerman and others from Jamaica in 2014.  He, with support from his family, has spearheaded the restoration, now passing the mantle to Scott.
Edwin's Boat Yard
Keith, Blake and Jan with Lisa and Chad of Edwin's Boat Yard are tremendous supporters of the Wm H.
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